Points for Perks

We love our Hornet community, and want to show users our appreciation for all the work they contribute. That's why we've created Points for Perks: so you can earn points to redeem for great swag! 

Here's what you can do to start earning rewards points:

Here's just some of the ITEMS you can redeem with your points:

premium upgrade

Wanna get a week, month, or year of premium membership? Participate in the programs above to get quick points to redeem this Perk!

hornet subway circles shirt.jpg

Hornet t-shirts

This is just one of a many T shirts we'll be offering our loyal users this Spring 2017 season. Be sure to rack up your points and snag one before the end of the season!


Amazon Gift cards.

Who Doesn't love a gift card? And with an Amazon card, you can get (almost) anything your heart desires! Cards come in $25 tiers, combine them to get even more!

Sign up on the community platform and start earning points