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Hornet redefines what it means for gay men to connect online. By integrating robust, social profiles with original, thought-provoking content, Hornet’s superior mobile platform enables gay men to engage with each other on multiple levels. Through its important  community interactions, including partnerships with local and global organizations impacting the lives of gay men, Hornet provides an authentic and proud voice that makes its members feel at home.

Hornet is the digital home for the gay community and as such the perfect place to advertise your products and services.

Brand-safe Access to a "Dream Demographic"

Since 1988 the Wall Street Journal has called gay men the "Dream Demographic" and for good reason:


  • Gay men earn 22% more, owe less
  • Twice as likely to have income over 250k
  • Twice as likely to have a college degree
  • Twice as likely to hold a managerial position


  • 54% of gays comment on blogs versus 18% of heterosexuals
  • 55% of gays are on Facebook versus 46% of heterosexuals
  • 20% of gays are on Twitter versus 12% of heterosexuals


"Today's LGBT are mobile-first, early technology adaptors and cross-generational users LGBT live in a post-PC world: 56% chose to use a mobile device over a desktop" (WSJ).

Gay men are twice as likely to use mobile shopping technology than their straight counterparts.


90% of gay people support businesses which target pink money, while actively shunning "anti-gay" companies. "Big companies like IBM, American Airlines, Merrill Lynch, and BMW aggressively court GLBT consumers," writes Businessweek.

Nearly six in ten (58%) gay consumers are more likely to purchase everyday household products and services from companies that market directly to gays. Around one in five (19%) say they are "much more likely" to do so. 70% of gay adults would pay premium for a product from a company that supports the LGBT community. And 78% of gays and their friends or relatives would switch brands to companies that are known as LGBT friendly.

Mobile. Social. Local.


Put your brand in front of Hornet's 18 million tech savvy users around the world and let them know that you're a welcoming brand for LGBTQI.

Our advertising programs include targeted native or banner ads, broadcast messages, and custom advertising campaigns for iPhone, iPad, and Android devices as well as on the Web.

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Event Promotion

Whether you're hosting a party or fundraiser, get the word out. Our promotions use sophisticated geo targeting accurate within a city block. You'll get a swarm of Hornet users lined up at your event. We offer low rates to promote events that entertain and benefit the community. Small regional non-profits pay a low setup costs and pro-bono impressions and larger non-profits receive discounts. Our directory with 5,000 places has manually curated event calendars in may cities around the globe.

local businesses

Whether you're a professional service or restaurant wanting to reach the gay demographic, we offer the most targeted access to your customers. In a recent Hornet survey, 96% of users said they are hungry to find gay friendly businesses but have trouble knowing which businesses are friendly or gay specialized. Our directory with 5,000 places in 300 cities and 70 countries is the world's most comprehensive listing of gay places in the world, and your ad on Hornet makes your business visible exactly when your customers are looking for it.